“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think,

but to give you questions to think upon”

Brandon Sanderson, author

Storytelling is my life. I love telling them and I delight in being told them.

To date, I have had two feature films produced and several screenplays optioned, all of which share a strong genre DNA and explore the human themes that resonate with me.

My first feature K-Shop, a Sweeney Todd inspired modern thriller, picked up the Méliès d’argent award for best film on the fantastic film festival circuit and subsequently secured a limited theatrical release in the UK before being bought and broadcast by Sky Cinema. Currently the film rights sit with Amazon Prime where the film is available for free with a prime subscription.

A Patriot, my dystopian science fiction thriller set in a post-Brexit Britain, attracted an all-star cast including Eva Green and Oscar winners Kathy Bates and Tim Robbins. The film’s UK rights were purchased by Sky Cinema and the film is currently in turnaround with new producers.

I have recently completed production on Die Before You Die, a contained thriller following a YouTuber who finds himself trapped six feet underground after an internet challenge goes hideously wrong. The film stars past collaborator Ziad Abaza and will be ready for market in late 2023.