“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

Anton Chekhov, playwright

As a produced writer/director, I seek to empower my fellow storytellers with an understanding of the guiding principles of dramatic writing.

I offer a consultation service providing detailed comment on story and screenplay with a focus on strengthening intention and obstacle, the essential ingredients required for cooking up deliciously dramatic stories.

Unlike other script reading services, I do not provide reports but deliver all notes in arranged face-to-face meetings or over zoom/skype. I charge £100 for consulting on feature scripts which includes guidance on how to prepare your project for market and/or attract finance.

I know how challenging it can be to access meaningful experienced support as an emerging filmmaker and therefore I read shorts and student films for free. Emerging filmmakers that have significantly valued my input can use my PayPal tip jar if they wish to contribute towards my time.

“Dan’s notes were hugely insightful, and I feel like I truly developed a greater understanding of story, from structure to dialogue, intention & obstacle and more. Ultimately, I am a better filmmaker having gone through this process with Dan and I am incredibly grateful to him for his time.”

Sam Nutt, Independent Filmmaker

“I really loved Dan's mentoring style as he made me feel it was a collaboration, we were equal, and he valued my opinions. This was really encouraging, especially as it was my first step into filmmaking. Although he doesn't need to, Dan has given me plenty of useful advice & feedback on my projects over the years”

Chloe Law, Five Mile Films LTD

“I count myself lucky to have started my career with Dan's unique mentoring and thorough support. He inspired me and supported me long after the BFI course ended to help build the foundations to have a successful start and on-going career in studio film production.”

Rebecca Timlett, MCU Studios

"Dan not only taught me the fundamentals of filmmaking during my time on the BFI Academy course, but he also ignited a burning desire within myself to pursue it as a career. Dan has given me insightful knowledge regarding the industry and its craft that has enabled me to secure jobs with both the BBC and Channel 5. I enjoyed my time on the course immensely and it was a true honour to have called him my mentor."

Taylor Lewendon, BFI Film Academy Alumni